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Reasons Why We Love, emotion 7 great emotion little explain

Reasons Why We Love emotion

Reasons Why We Love emotion

Reasons Why We Love —

  1. Love
    Love is the first emotion we feel towards someone else. We love people who make us laugh, those who make us cry, and those who make us smile. When we fall in love, our heart beats faster, we get butterflies in our stomach, and we become happier. Love is what makes us human.
  2. Hate
    Hate is the second emotion we feel towards someone. We hate people who hurt us, those who make us angry, and those who make fun of us. When we hate someone, our heart beats slower, we get sad, and we become angrier. Hate is what makes us human, but it’s not always bad. Sometimes we need to hate something to change it.
  3. Fear
    Fear is the third emotion we feel towards something. We fear things that scare us, those that could harm us, and those that might take away our freedom. When we fear something, our heart beats faster, and we get anxious. Fear is what keeps us alive.
  4. Joy
    Joy is the fourth emotion we feel towards something or someone. We feel joy when we experience something good, when we do something right, and when we have a great time doing something. When we’re happy, our heart beats slower, and we feel relaxed. Joy is what makes us happy.
  5. Sadness
    Sadness is the fifth emotion we feel towards something, someone, or some event. We feel sadness when we lose something, when we fail at something, and when we don’t get what we want. When we feel sad, our heart beats slower. Sadness is what makes us emotional.
  6. Anger
    Anger is the sixth emotion we feel towards something that upsets us. We get angry when we are treated unfairly, when we are disappointed, and when we are frustrated. When we get angry, our heart beats faster. Anger is what makes us mad.
  7. Disgust
    Disgust is the seventh emotion we feel towards something unpleasant. We feel disgust when we eat something spoiled, when we smell something foul, and when we touch something disgusting. When we feel disgusted, our heart beats slower than normal. Disgust is what makes us sick.

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